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Shenzhen Guangrui smart card manufacturing Co. Ltd., located in Shenzhen City, Baoan District city of Xixiang Shu Lok Road Hang industrial zone B2 Building 5 West building, specializing in smart card production, IC card system integration and IC card reader equipment manufacturing. The company's products include non contact IC card, contactless IC card, card, card, ID card, composite portrait phone card, bar code card, magnetic stripe cards, membership cards and other cards of various materials, various types of contact and non-contact IC card reader, and a small card printer etc..
Give full play to the company located adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao SAR, the advantage, based in Shenzhen, the national radiation; continue to introduce domestic and foreign advanced production equipment, and strive to explore new business card printing technology, coupled with the enterprise have a dedicated team of highly qualified personnel, establish a multi product, high quality, cheap, efficient, and thoughtful customer service and the credit card industry a good image.
"Customer first" is the same business purpose, strict product design, production, sales and service in all aspects, and strive to provide quality products and services for the society, high-quality products, good reputation, has won the trust of many customers and support the sales and service throughout the country, some products also exported to overseas.
Adhere to market-oriented, scientific and technological innovation as a leader, in the majority of customers trust and support, play Guangrui people's diligence and wisdom, the world hero, poly Sihai talents, strive to become the industry leader, Guangrui smart card look forward to become your faithful friends and partners, to create a win-win future.
The company's existing Heidelberg double color printing machine set, laminator three sets, contactless IC card production line two, contactless IC card production line three, since 2008, the company imported automatic IC packaging line two, automatic GSM Kong Chongqie machine two sets, 5 million / month to IC card production

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